10 Collection ideas on RangeRoom

RangeRoom gives your entire organisation visibility over product development. It streamlines your communication and allows you to collaborate with your internal teams and external collaborators. We want you to get the most out of RangeRoom so we’ve put together a list of collection ideas to get you started!

1. Shopping Photos 

Create a collection with inspiration photos you have taken at the shops, instantly upload them from your mobile and share with your teams back in the office.

2. Order Products and Samples

Create a collection of products from your supplier’s showroom, your entire team has visibility over your collection so they can make edits and suggestions before creating an order. Once you’ve made an order your supplier will be notified and will change the status of your order so you’re always in the loop.

3. Inspirational Images

Upload inspiration images directly from your camera roll, social media, catwalks, Pinterest, street style and anything else that inspires you, simply screenshot and upload from any device. Share your collection with different teams so that everyone has visibility. You can add products from ‘My Showroom’and the ‘Marketplace’, and add images from other collections too.

4. Tradeshow Archive

Create a collection of the tradeshows you have been to this summer. Tag images with locations, or fabrics so you can easily to search for them when you need to referer back to the images.

5. Print Collaboration 

Create a collection of the hot prints from the catwalks. Share your ideas with your suppliers and print houses. Once you’ve shared a collection with your external collaborators use the chat feature to talk about your concept ideas or talk specifics with product-specific chat streams. Truly collaborates with your connections!

6. Bestsellers 

Upload products to ‘My Showroom’ and archive them in ‘Collections’. Create ‘Best Seller’ collections for each season, you can search collection and refer back to them during product development. This Instant visibility will enhance and inform your product development.

7. Supplier Picks

Haven’t got time to browse through your supplier showroom? No probs. Start a chat with any of your suppliers and ask them to send you a selection of products based on one of your concept ideas collections. There’s no limit to how many times you can share a collection, so you can send it to all of your suppliers and choose from there top picks for you.

8. Tech Packs

Store all of your tech packs in RangeRoom, you can upload a file up to 250MB, including pdf files. Your teams have full visibility and you can send them out to your connections, from print to fabric suppliers directly.

9. Line Sheets and Range Plans

Having a digital line sheet or range plan that has all product information, can be edited and shared at any time, and printed of instantly. It’s then archived within RangeRoom for future reference, no more ring binders!

10. Final Concepts

Create a collection that embodies your next collection, including key fabrics, silhouettes, prints, inspirational shots, sketches, products from your archive, new product ideas and products from your supplier’s showroom. Share the collection with all of your internal teams so everyone has a clear understanding of next seasons focus.

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