2018 sees some fabulous news here at RangeRoom.

Not only are we celebrating a year of our #roomies Richard Levis, Katy McBrierty and Bea Austin! But we’re also excited to have a newcomer Elena Markos to the team  – the #roomies are growing!

Our team is welcoming the fabulous Elena Markos who joins us from the great team at WGSN, with a keen understanding of the fashion tech landscape and the challenges that face the suppliers, brands and retailers in today’s fast-moving environment. With experience and relationships that span Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa and of course the UK we are thrilled to welcome her energy, enthusiasm and expertise to the growing team.

Welcome, Elena! She means Business!

Our “Oooohhh haven’t we grown” Moment!!

Alongside this happy occasion, we also want to think about the milestone that comes this week – Katy, Richard and Bea have been a part of RangeRoom for a year already!

Richard joined us with heaps of great men’s and knitwear design experience, having worked with various heavyweight UK high street brands and retailers, along with valuable time lecturing at some of the key fashion courses in the country. His ability to ‘flex’ across the business, due to his understanding of how the industry and its’ processes need to evolve to meet the ever-increasing needs of the consumer enriches the development of RangeRoom. In the short year that Richard’s been with the business, he has become an invaluable and treasured part of the team.

Katy joined us with experience in print design and e-commerce with a keen eye for detail and a passion for forward-looking fashion technology. As a gifted print and product designer, Katy’s sense-checking of how the product is developed has been an exciting and precious addition to the team. Her design sensitivity, entrepreneurial spirit, in true start-up style, married with her commitment and fearlessness to take on new roles, is an important contribution to the marketing team and client support side.

Bea joined us having worked in the UK and also globally, mostly in the US market with big brands and retailers. Bea’s experience began in womenswear, but she soon migrated into the world of trend & creative direction, integrating trend as part of the strategic branding & design for successful commercial ranges and brands. Bea understands the need for processes that capture and nurture creativity & newness within strong commercial businesses and how key change management & future-proofing processes are vital in our evolving creative industries. With a passion for healthy work cultures, Bea also works closely with Brendan to shape the product, strategies and values of the growing team.

Guess who’s who…

And last but absolutely not least our fabulous #roomie Gretchen is back with us after a stint in Australia where she was incredibly busy showcasing RangeRoom to an exciting Southern Hemisphere audience keen to innovate in another exciting fast-paced fashion landscape. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Gretchen you really haven’t lived! The original RangeRoom multi-tasker who was one of the earliest #roomies, with a keen understanding of what it takes to bring a brand to the market, Gretchen brings with her concept to production experience, grounded in womenswear design. She returns with her signature powerhouse positive energy and ‘getting things done’ attitude and is a tireless brand ambassador and client liaison, yet another reason to Love RangeRoom. Welcome back, Gretchen!!

So another year and we are really excited to welcome Elena and thank our #roomies for their tireless enthusiasm and hard work! We look forward to our exciting #roomie future!


Photos Credits: Our Folks! and title Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash
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