RangeRoom is a cloud-based, collaborative, creative platform that enables the discovery of new products and ideas. We heighten visibility, centralise and streamline communication across the product development process. Your teams are freed up, becoming better informed, allowing them to make better buying decisions that are risk-managed and so happen faster. Our beautifully designed interface is intuitive, simple and secure; designed to work in a fast-paced environment, with you, anywhere.

RangeRoom understands a fundamental truth about transformation which eludes so many others digital platforms in the market. That is, speed and flexibility are merchandising issues, not an operational or supply chain issue. Visibility and collaboration are critical to change and it is led by the decision-makers who need tools to drive both process AND product innovation. RangeRoom gives designers, buyers and product developers leadership of the process, while also providing a window to design further up the supply chain.

Brendan Baldrey

Founder & CEO


After 15 years as a fashion designer, I suddenly had a moment of revelation that made me realise I just wasn’t into sketching dresses anymore. While there is no denying I love the fashion industry and all the experience and opportunities it has provided me, I had reached a place in my career where I wasn’t ‘feeling it’ as a designer.

Designers are generally viewed as not very business minded, eccentric creatives with the sole ambition to put a factory out of business with their elaborate and technically difficult styles, that no one can manufacture let alone cost! The thing is, I have always been fascinated with the business side of the industry as well. In fact, more-so as time has gone on.

This trend of not really fitting the mould seems to have followed me since I started my journey in the fashion Industry. I went on to work with suppliers and retailers all over the world, but started to feel that there hadn’t been any real innovation in business processes for a long time.

A lot of suppliers were run by first generation owners who had built impressive businesses, but seemed to need more encouragement to introduce new technologies. Retailers seemed to be incredibly responsive to the customer experience of their brands (including advances in tech), but the B2B side was left behind.

Ripe for disruption, right?

I felt compelled to pursue a new course and stop complaining about how much better things could be (which my wife was understandably sick of hearing!). New mantra: Purpose and Passion!

Once I had navigated the mine-field of getting a team and investment together (which is a whole other story), I began the process of building RangeRoom.

Our story continues…

Beatrice Austin

Creative Director

Bea is a recognised trend curator and design leader with over twenty years experience gained both in the UK and globally. Bea’s influential roles as VP of Trend at Sears Holdings, Creative manager at LC Waikiki, Woolworths (SA) and Director of Creative Concept (trend & colour) at Victoria’s Secret as well as a number of UK high street retailers have given her an international understanding of the retail industry.

She understands the need for a design ethos and process that proactively responds to the fast-moving fashion environment and the customer across channels.

Being a keen change agent and advocate for innovation & new intelligent ways of working, Bea could see the need for new ideas for a fashion industry fit for the future.

Adam Farah

Technical Lead 

Adam has always been passionate about making things, since at the age of eleven when he was presented with a soon-to-be very precious second-hand Apple Macintosh II, and there’s been no turning back. While working in finance Adam continued coding and worked increasingly on local projects with businesses across Yorkshire, developing his skills and appetite for working with smaller and medium-size businesses. While working in the financial industry during the day, Adam invested his spare time taking part in coding competitions and hackathons, developing his skills for a world outside finance. Adam soon graduated into the world of start-ups, hungry to make an impact and be involved with originating and scaling innovation. 

Adam was attracted to RangeRoom for various reasons: the product presented an exciting opportunity, Adam was keen to help RangeRoom realise our dreams and on meeting the experienced, dynamic team it felt like a very natural fit and we sealed the deal! Adam brings with him robust experience in Financial analytics and more recently, Fin-tech, along with the ability to translate technical concepts into real-world solutions and a fabulously calm but enthusiastic expertise. We’re very lucky to have him on the team!

Elena Markos

Head of Sales

2018 saw the arrival of the fabulous Elena Markos who joins us from WGSN, with a keen understanding of the fashion tech landscape and the challenges that face the suppliers, brands and retailers in today’s fast-moving environment.

With experience and relationships that span Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa and of course the UK we are thrilled to welcome her energy, enthusiasm and expertise to the growing team.

Gretchen Geoghegan

Product Owner & Client Success

 Gretchen brings to the team her Operations experience, along with coaching, trend forecasting, development and design. The stellar student of her BA in Design at Australia’s Whitehouse Institute, Gretchen started out in Costume & Couture.

Gretchen soon gravitated naturally to the pace of Ready-to-wear & has since gained an invaluable & solid understanding of the Asia Pacific supply chain.

Gretchen is passionate about the innovative & collaborative nature that fashion tech brings and enriches our team with her energy and team-spirit every second of the day.

Bence Kormos

Back end Developer

Originally Hungarian and with a global perspective, Bence is an engineer at heart, who thrives on the challenge of building anything from bikes or cars to digital platforms. With a sterling background in FinTech and media, from digital asset management, collaborative platforms to cloud-based real-time systems, Bence is instrumental in RangeRoom’s mission.

Attracted to the great team, inspirational and aspirational product, Bence has found his niche and the exciting challenge of building a robust, adaptable and scalable digital application with his inimitable energy and enthusiasm.

Katy McBrierty

Digital Marketing & Client Success

Katy’s strong graphic and print background from a Bachelor’s in Printed Textile design and enthusiasm for fashion in all its guises, along with her natural charm meant that RangeRoom was thrilled to have her on board. Having interned at various boutique, high street brands and print studios and with an ease around technology, RangeRoom felt like the perfect fit.

Katy was immediately at ease with the start-up and entrepreneurial energy of RangeRoom, bringing both speed and calm to her role.

Richard Levis

Sales Executive

After completing a BA and MA in Knitwear Design Richard was quickly snapped up as a knitwear designer at major U.K retailers M&S and French Connection. In 2007 a new career path in lecturing & researching at various top UK Art and Design colleges presented itself.

Then in 2016, inspired by the new challenge of working in the tech side of this industry, knowing the direction the U.K high street was taking, Richard decided to join RangeRoom. His solid U.K high street design background and menswear experience bring an added design dimension to the team.

Graeme Chidgey

Front end Developer

A man who appreciates good design and has a real aesthetic sensitivity, Graeme also brings his calm, professional reliability and extensive tech knowledge from the luxury e-commerce world.

Always fascinated by multi media, with a strong understanding of how tech & content design work hand-in-hand with branding which has always informed his experience of building on-line magazines for teams such as Harrods and Net-a-Porter, how it supports and drives engagement and sales.

RangeRoom felt like a natural fit for Graeme who was attracted by the fashion and design element and the team’s spirit. He could see the obvious potential of the platform and was keen to join and make a meaningful impact.

Nabihah Iqbal

Sales Executive

Nabihah joins us with great retail and brand buying experience from some
of the most exciting UK high street retailers, with accessories product at the
heart of everything she’s done.

Her creative flair and interest in trend,
fashion, personal and original design, along with her strong customer-focus
brings exciting, new experience to the team.

Nabihah’s natural entrepreneurial outlook and strong awareness of the
increasingly digital-focused fashion landscape drew her naturally to
RangeRoom and her enthusiasm, great organizational skills and natural
people skills meant it was an incredibly easy fit.