Part 2: A Common Thread

With your ongoing profitability and brand reputation constantly on the line, your priorities are immediate challenges like maximising full price sell-through, minimising air freight, and reacting to ever-shrinking trend windows. Things like end-to-end connectivity, seamless social collaboration, and total transparency sound great, but your risks are right here, right now – and you and your satellite offices might not even have access to a shared file system.

We know that feeling because we’ve felt it first-hand. Our founder held Head of Design and Sales positions at a number of key UK high street suppliers; our Technical Leads have worked for the country’s biggest luxury retailers; our Sales Lead has had hands-on experience selling the most successful online trend service to creative and commercial teams globally; and our Creative Director has led trend and design teams with global brands in different continents.

That shared experience is why we built RangeRoom – a solution to the digital disconnect between customer, retailer, and manufacturer, but also a visual collaboration platform for internal and satellite teams, a showroom for suppliers with direct-to-consumer ambitions, a tool for transparency that caters to socially conscious consumers, and more.

We think we made the move at the right time, but we’ll let Fiona Lambert, a strong retail leader with extensive experience in the UK retail scene who phrased it so perfectly when we introduced RangeRoom to her early on in our conception:

“I think the pace at which the fashion industry needs to work, combined with the instant gratification we are treated to as online shoppers, means that the traditional buying trip or ready to wear fair is feeling dated. As our customers need constant newness, so do buyers, and I think it’s the right time to challenge the status quo and bring something new to the buying and merchandising processes.”

This certainly isn’t a domestic issue, this is a global challenge across the fashion and retail industry. Here Bruce Salehi, Vice President at Ilshin Industries and experienced international trader gives us his take on what he’s seeing across the pond “In the past few years, with the rise of online retail and the demise of the traditional retailer, everybody is running scared, not knowing what the next chapter is. This environment creates the need for a very efficient supply chain tool – one that allows companies to cut costs without cutting efficiencies, and to get the right product to market at the right time, as quickly and cheaply as possible.”

Retailers and suppliers alike have identified that RangeRoom has the ability to be a strong digital component that helps and supports you build your long-term vision. The platform is a tool that can enable, facilitate & impact a strategic vision – especially if that vision includes being efficient, fast, innovative, with a collaborative culture and with the agility to produce the right product, at the right time.

What are the problems? We’re glad you asked.

Read Part One: Fashion is Disconnected. Can’t wait until next week for the next instalment? Continue reading our full Whitepaper here. Up next is: A Platform for People Creating Products coming out next week 15th November 2018.