We’ve had such a great time this year and as you can see all that hard work’s paid off and we’re chilling in the country at the RangeRoom Manor! We’ve had new #roomies join us and have achieved some fantastic goals, with the platform and more importantly, growing the #roomie community – from retailers to suppliers, with fantastic champions and exciting conversations happening. We’ve even flown the nest from the amazing Xincubator where we received brilliant support and moved into our own space in Shoreditch, where we’re planning some very exciting ventures for 2018.

We couldn’t have done any of it without the unwavering support of countless people who’ve believed in us, from family, friends, mentors to creative collaborators and investors.

We also want to say a very special Thank You to our amazing team – Brendan, Bea, Richard, Gretchen, Katy, Graeme, Bence and Nabihah. We also want to give a shout out to Christina, Elena, Laura, Sean and Rajvee. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all of you – so Thank You all so Much!

And that’s just our 1st full year so we are looking forward to the #roomie future in so many ways.

Thanks all for being part of this wild ride and we look forward to cutting and pasting many more home-made looking Faux Festivity Scenes for many Christmas Holidays to come!


Image credits: Ralph Lauren x roomies & title image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
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