Convenient and Fit for Purpose

As we are becoming more and more used to easy, sticky and convenient tech that we use across our lives from WhatsApp, Spotify, Google Maps, Uber to Pinterest, and all the tech that lives, palm-bound in our smartphones, so we are expecting this convenient tech in our working lives.

These high expectations from an increasingly digital-native population, of intuitive and smart tech, are a natural evolution of how we interact and integrate technology into our day-to-day lives.

So why is it that we still put up with disconnected and disparate systems of working? Luckily more tech companies are looking to solve this challenge. As tech development has grown along with the access to a growing tech development talent community so teams like RangeRoom are able to develop a platform with the fashion retail and B2B profession and their practices specifically in mind, rather than some tech companies that are reverse engineering the needs, often with less in-depth knowledge of the creative process. And this is absolutely the challenge that we’ve been working to solve with our latest (and ongoing roadmap ) of updated features and functionalities.

One of our aims has been to give teams ‘one source of truth’. By centralising all the streams that you take your inspiration, information or all those working assets and conversations, into one platform we make your working processes easier and more efficient.

At our core RangeRoom replaces e-mail as a way of viewing, tracking or discussing any product development – especially when all your collaborative partners join you on the platform, giving you not only ‘one-source-of-truth’ but also the perfect collaborative platform that facilitates easy product development, discussion and decision-making.

Our latest features are bound to this principle:

Intuitive and personalised tagging – you own your product and your language!

What’s the benefit to you?

Because the platform is now more intuitive than ever the speed and relevance that this type of tagging allows means that you can find things faster than ever. You’re not dictated to by ‘us’ on the types of terminology that you tags things – so it can also be as specific to your brand and company language or culture as possible. If you’ve got a fabric programme called “Jenny” that you want to find those products related to – simply search the word “Jenny” – and as long as you’ve tagged them they pop up as soon as you enter your search. It’s that easy!

Upload Files of up to 256 MB straight into your RangeRoom workspace – everything all on one centralised creative sharable space.

Why does that benefit you?

Instead of jumping in and out of your RangeRoom workspace where you have all your products and collections you have the capability of uploading large files that can be shared or archives all in the same place – so you don’t have to drop off the platform and go rummaging in DropBox or WeTransfer or across endless email trails – making the place that you work well and truly your one-source-of-Truth. It also means that the constant upgrading that you usually have to do, that incrementally increasing your budget spend, with those 3rd party applications – doesn’t apply to RangeRoom

Global Search – faster uploading and searching that revolutionises how fast you can find or be presented with all that newness!

What does that mean to you?

Quite simply, we have made the searching of any product or word used to denote or ‘tag’ your digital assets, global. So that means if you search for style #SS20 675 in the RangeRoom platform’s search bar – it looks across the whole application and platform. So whether the asset you’re searching for is part of a ‘chat’ or has been built into a ‘collection’ or simply has been uploaded as a working or visible product, you can find it at the click of a button. Any of your working assets or your collaborators’ products from colour palettes, print designs, samples, tech packs to range plans or mood boards – whatever you need at your fingertips. The digital convenience of a smartphone delivered into your work practices. Married with the fact when you tag a product the platform learns immediately the terms, numbers or brand language so that when you next use the same term it becomes in essence, predictive.

So there it is – it’s logical and works how you expect and need it to!

So thanks for coming on this journey, we’ve been working hard to make sure this platform is as convenient, relevant and easy as possible and facilitates easier collaboration and faster decision-making. Because it’s not just your consumer who deserves all that sexy tech!

See for yourself how much it can help in the product development work you do – whether you’re a designer, buyer or merchandiser at a retailer or a designer, product developer or business development team at a supplier – or you might just be a freelancer who works with lots of different collaborators? If you have any questions or would like to try out RangeRoom for yourself why not get in touch with us now at for your a demo of how it all works or free trial of the platform.

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