One of the first things I ask new team members when they join a team I’m heading up is “Why did you choose to work in fashion?”  Without fail their eyes light up and they’ll describe an inspirational designer or exhibition, how it made them feel & why it meant they just had to work in fashion.

A tangible, abiding motivator completely connected to the inspiration of a creative individual. This was one of the most important aspects that we at RangeRoom recognised as a way of keeping creative forces alive and well. This motivation was one of the drivers in how we developed (and continue to develop) RangeRoom.

Visual curiosity, excitement and finding easy ways to encourage visual story telling through the lens of our different brands’ DNA is so important to the teams who work on the product. Whether you’re designers, product developers, creative buyers or merchandisers. After all it’s this visual story-telling that’s ultimately the reason that a customer will buy a similarly priced product over another. Because it ‘spoke to them’ in some way and it is how we build the ranges we work on universally.

Working in fashion for many of us is all about creating and evolving a relevant, well-designed, well-priced and edited range that sparks that emotional connection with your customer, appealing to their personality and to their budget.


We fervently believe that the way RangeRoom works must be in tune with this tangible need in the fashion industry – to conserve and innovate around new ways of story-telling.

By using digital innovations to create an interface that adheres to that core belief – we aim to facilitate product development and range building that consistently offers compelling well-priced story-telling through fashion ranges. This ensures that design is the silent (or not so silent) ambassador of your brand. If that feels a little ‘marketing-speak’ to you let me break it down for you:

If you haven’t tried RangeRoom out yet…Imagine the visual curation that Pinterest offers, with the ease of communication and networking that LinkedIn and WhatsApp bring. Imagine having your

  • mood boards and street shots
  • images of fabric swatches
  • colour swatches or print shots
  • sketches and range plans
  • trims or embellishment techniques
  • along with all the pricing, production and logistics information with easy ‘chat’ date & time-stamped communications and negotiation converstaions

…All in ONE place?

Shareable across all your cross-functional teams, internally or externally – encouraging agile and communicative work habits and enabling early communication of concepts so that briefing is equally agile & flexible.

This ease and merging of all inspiration and information mean that the ‘work of the work’ can get done much faster. With more open communication and collaboration. This is an easy-to-use and intelligent tool that keeps product development and the creative process that goes with it, at the heart of the RangeRoom offering.

By reducing the amount of time that was once wasted on e-mail trails and ‘busy-work’ this core element of RangeRoom’s platform rebalances your teams ‘Creative Time’. And enables more informed decision making allowing real inclusion and co-creation.

We want to enable you to reclaim the process and rejuvenate the fashion businesses with renewed creative conversations and energy because we know that’s a crucial element to us all as creative professionals in this business of Fashion. Looking at innovative, intuitive and product-centric tools that return precious creative time to your creative teams’ benefits not only the teams’ themselves; the design-centric nature of our industry but ultimately the product & our customers’ experience. It’s a ‘win-win’ all round, surely?

In fact, we believe it’s important to anyone who is focused on a consistent and compelling aesthetic product range, whatever the industry.

If that’s something you believe is important too – come and find out more or have a free 2 week trial at


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