Denim Guide to AW18

Beatnik Bohemian

The Gucci effect, which is ever evolving modern day style, takes a bohemian/ western approach for AW18 denim. Embroidery reins supreme with multi cultural magpie inspired designs layered on top of indigo and coloured washes.


Blue Collar Basics

The uniform of the future, nostalgic of the post normcore generation, homes in on an anti-fashion, working class aesthetic. Parallels are drawn between the current post-soviet movement, British working class subculture of the 80’s and 90’s and the new breed of the emerging generation. Classic styles are re-invented with sports inspired details in oversized fits with bright indigo being the leading denim wash.

Art School Indie

Anti-fashion, again, is the key message behind this denim movement with a rock and roll undertone. Denim and streetwear clash together to form an artful destruction with fringing, worn-in and deconstructed classics creating a new denim movement where there are no rules.

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