Exciting new feature update

At RangeRoom we are always looking for new and innovative ways to keep our customers collaborating effectively and efficiently.

Today we are proud to launch our new feature:

Collection Sharing.

This eagerly awaited feature has been requested from many of our valued users and we know it will be a key component in your range building and product development process.

 Collection sharing means that you can collaborate faster and easier than ever with partners you work with outside your organization, securely and easily. Whether that’s your retail partners, your supplier partners, freelancers or studios you work with – your edit points and ideas can be curated into collections, product development decisions are centralised and streamlined. Simply log in to RangeRoom and the collections that have been shared with you are instantly visible. To find out more about how RangeRoom can help you in either design or merchandising please feel free to explore the editorial links – or just give us a shout on info@rangeroom.com.

RangeRoom is a platform that is made for the fashion industry by people from the fashion industry, so we understand the processes and challenges of daily collaboration across the product development journey and our community.

Let us know what you think and share with your community if you think they would like new ways to collaborate! Thanks & we look forward to hearing from you!





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