Keeping Product in Full Focus

‘Product is King.’ This is a mantra that is often bandied about in fashion retail. But how much of the process and politics mean that “Product” gets dethroned every now and then, and sometimes in a big way? RangeRoom is all about putting – and keeping – the product at the heart and soul of everything we do. And everything our customers do.

The RangeRoom platform is built around the product, the starting point is the Visual product. That remains & it stays ‘top of mind’, as it should, throughout the whole process and platform.

Over the past few decades we’ve seen helpful technologies become part of our modern working lives in the fashion industry: e-mails; Excel spreadsheets; PLM systems and various Project and Product Management Systems. We’ve become increasingly comfortable with these tools. But, at what cost?

We’re seeing some companies banning emails altogether because they’ve decided they’ll get more done without them. Some companies have 3 or 4 different tools just to look at one range – with different formats from different suppliers, along the process. Often one tool is incompatible with another and so visual; pricing and technical information are all in different formats and are disconnected. Sometimes those different formats are incompatible with different systems in other offices. How useful is that?

RangeRoom has been designed to give you that you “one-stop-shop” solution for all that valuable information that every item in your range needs, to go from inspiration, to presentation and to production.

Everything from mood boards, inspirational tear sheets or street shots from your phone, can sit alongside your supplier’s items, examples of trims or fabric swatches or your RangeRoom board. Similarly to a Pinterest board and as easy to populate. Within this same board you can show colourways; print options; yarn dye options; tech packs; different proportions or design details if it’s a key item that has different variations. A visual feast? Yes, but that’s not all.

Costings from all angles of the garments production, along with logistics, timings and technical information can be viewed depending on what you need. Negotiations with your manufacturing partners can be done in real time, keeping those precious development trips leaner and more focused. RangeRoom offers a completely compatible solution that bridges the ‘production’ focus of PLM with the ‘front-end’ need for visual, creative communication and real-time collaboration – and so offers a completely integrated, front to back-end solution that relies on the cloud, and not specific platforms or operating systems.

Obviously, all of this is useless if it isn’t accessible to all of the cross-functional teams who have to touch each product.

So RangeRoom ensures that you can share this with whoever you need to. From your CEO, your production experts in your regional offices, your assistant while they’re at Coachella, even your mum (if you really want to…)

This encourages real teamwork, transparency and tangible accountability (date stamps are built in – allowing the workflow to be traced easily) and cuts out all the ‘noise’ that comes with too many conversations in too many channels. How would you feel if you didn’t have to read those hundreds of emails 1st thing in the morning but could actually get straight on with the business of product development and range building? I know how I’d feel and it’s close to euphoria! You can use it as a whole team or individually and even expense it as part of your operating costs. (that’s right this isn’t just for big enterprises, it’s equally useful for SMEs or freelancers! Whether you are a company of 1,500 or a small start-up that wants to have everything visible, all in one place we’ve allowed for this in our pricing.

RangeRoom has been designed for the modern design, buying and product development teams – who are often on the move checking out new markets, looking at exhibitions, travelling to meet their manufacturing partners etc. So you can access RangeRoom from your desktop at work, your tablet on the move or from your Smartphone, making RangeRoom a truly versatile and agile asset.

Keeping “Product” absolutely at the heart of what you do – all day, everyday.

Pure and simple. See how by downloading our whitepaper at


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