Maison et Objet 2018

Maison et Objet looked really strong this season in Paris and we wanted to highlight the top takeaways. The world is becoming dominated by renters as the average age of first time home buyers climbs every year, resulting in the interiors industry working harder to cater to this lucrative market.  Millennials are the key customer here, always looking to create a home within the realms of rental contracts and security deposits, resulting in the high street latching on to the home accessories trend. Who doesn’t love scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest for home-spiration? Maison et Object is the authority tradeshow for homeware and interiors which saw brands showcasing their latest pieces.

Here are our top 3 interior trends which we believe will be a commercial success this upcoming year:

Colour Crush: Baked Terracotta and Dusty Rose

Adding a pop of colour to the home through crockery, tableware, cushions or bed linen is a rental essential and the favoured palette focused on warm, rustic tones of rose and terracotta (the perfect non-seasonal combo). Brands were seen mixing gold metal decorations such as lamps, coffee tables and plant pops to bring this aesthetically soothing palette together.

Fabric Favourite: Smooth, Plush velvets

Velvet continues to ride the trend wave being used as the colour vehicle for the home. Pillow, sofas and armchairs were the popular commodities updated in this plush fabric.

Print Paradise: MENA Inspired Craft

Middle-Eastern and North African inspired prints are definitely our favourite growing trend which was seen adding a handcrafted touch across parts of the show. Artisanal and colourful, these prints are perfect for adding an eclectic pop to living areas through cushions, rugs and decorative baskets.


For more inspiration and information why not find out more in Maison et Objet’s final report?

Thanks to BDA London as ever for their trend snippets from across the fashion & Lifestyle industries!

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