Paris Mens Fashion Week ’19

As Men’s Fashion Week comes to a close, we take a look at the key statements Paris had to offer including overriding themes, colour, print & pattern, details, fabrics, fresh silhouettes and new styling approaches.

Non-binary dressing

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Non-binary dressing continues throughout the SS19 season with Paris also joining in on gender neutral looks in longline, boxy silhouettes as well as the contrast looks opting for feminine shaping features. Nautical looks are explored and updated on the runway whilst keeping in tone with classic nautical colour palettes, tying ensembles together while other designers went for futuristic looks, mostly hinted through textile choices often displayed in metallics.

Bright Orange

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Bright Yellow

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Electric Cobalt

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SS19 presented exciting bright colour palettes as we saw shades of lavender bringing a summery, playful element to catwalks fleshing out into deeper shades of purple, inspired by this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, many designers opted for rich purple tones in showcasing smart wear. Bright orange took on an acidic tone this season with commercial viability as the hue was seen across casual wear, tailored looks and outerwear. Along with many of these show stopping colours, bright yellow toned down smart looks by making an appearance on oversized blazers while intense tones of cobalt proved to be an eye catching key colour trend for the upcoming season, displayed in statement head-to-toe ensembles.

Acid Yellow

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Along with other bright colours, a rich and vivid red had a strong presence throughout Paris shows, showing just how luxury brands are taking inspiration from sportswear and incorporating these elements into their designs. Acidic yellow was intensified on the catwalks through colour pairings contrasted against black bases – most popular for sports garments for increased visibility, we see the acidic bright growing into the knitwear sector as well.


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In complete contrast to these intensified brights, we see pistachio greens, chocolate tones, dusted plums and ecru displayed on runways, lifting designs and creating a softer look and feel across ensembles. Ecru becomes a substitute for crisp winter white as warmer tones are displayed for a perfect neutral summer palette while pistachio made a powerful entry this season and predicted to enter stores in full force come next summer.

Mismatched Print

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Print and pattern have been all the rave throughout Men’s Fashion Week as native, rustic inspired prints were a common occurrence across designers with added depth applied through weaves and rough textures. Clashing and mismatched prints continue to be a key print with subtle colour connections between garments being the key tie while other designers chose to juxtapose dark and light by applying florals to dark bases, providing the print with a statement pop.


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Tie-dye proved to be a popular casual-wear print most often seen in serene tones of blue, white and grey, emphasizing the calming effect the print has – this was reiterated through loosely fitted garments.

Oversized Blazer

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Exaggerated Utility

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A key detailing trend following the exaggerated utility theme, purposeful pockets, with military references, are a clear source of inspiration as practicality becomes of higher priority in the fashion industry while fresh colours and materials keep the looks exciting.

Waist Focus

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Drawstring waists were used throughout shows, dressing down tailored looks in lightweight summer fabrications with contrast stitching following on from Milan. The contrast stitch remains a dominant trend in Paris, evolving from being a denim focused detail to now being exhibited in a variety of fabrics such as twills and wools, entering the tailored sector of luxury fashion.

High Sheen

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High shine, coated fabrics were a popular fabric choice across SS19, most often seen on plain outerwear pieces portraying a ‘wet look’ in addition to synthetic transparent fabrics. As the theme of practicality ran steadily across shows, being both lightweight and waterproof, meant that this would be a key fabric driver for the season ahead.

Purposeful Pockets

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The summer parka proved to be a key transitional silhouette as the lightweight textile suited warmer rainy seasons and layerable to cooler months with colours kept along neutral tones. The shacket was updated into summer-suited silhouettes with focus on larger pocket details while oversized blazers were a key for smart casual looks, as designers left casual elements to the oversized fit and neutral colour variations.

Double Denim

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Exaggerated utility looks were found to be a clear running theme in Paris as multiple oversized pockets, loosely fitted garments, visible zippers and drawstrings were the key elements for creating this look. Double denim looks were updated and interpreted in different ways by each fashion house as Etudes and Louis Vuitton opted for cleaner looks, while brands such as Sacai went for raw, pieced together looks. Layering remains a constant styling technique moving into SS19 and showcasing opportunities on how to build outfits for both warm and cool seasons.

Men’s Fashion Week completely blew us over and it is so exciting to see how menswear has taken new direction season to season –  we can only wait in anticipation for the upcoming Autumn Winter season.