It really is a big deal!

We’ve been lucky enough to have been part of an amazing incubator group: The Xingcubator, here in the West End of London, supported and encouraged by the fantastic teams we’ve been surrounded by since the beginning 2016. As a startup, it’s been a crucial part of our journey and the tireless support has allowed us to grow and thrive, so naturally, it’s with mixed feelings that we are moving to our own new space in the East end of London!

We’d like to thank everyone across the teams (from Fabacus; Xelacore; Oculizm; Treniq; Project X and Associated Arts) along with the people we’ve met through the Xingcubator, who have believed in us and we will miss you, but look forward to our continued connections and watching what will no doubt be more exciting and well-deserved success stories!

Shoreditch High Street here we come! Pop in if you’re in the area – we’d love to see you. With thanks from #roomies


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