Range room presents at River Island Inaugural Digital Innovation event

Recently River Island held its Inaugural Digital Innovation event titled “Visualisation and Conversation”

Range room was asked to speak alongside some of the other pioneering business’ in the start up fashion tech world.

Including Dressipi and Hullabalook

Brendan the CEO of Rangeroom was asked to demonstrate how the platform can benefit the industry and high street retailers such as River Island.

“Visualisation and Conversation”

RangeRoom is a multifaceted visual platform built for the fashion ecosystem and supports the entire design process from sketch to final sample. #1 b2b Collaborative solution in it’s field Rangeroom is a visual tool for visual people

It was a great moment for our company and well received by the audience of buyers, designers and investors.

To find out more about Rangeroom please download our white paper http://rangeroom.com/download-pdf/

To learn more about the other speakers from the evening visit their websites