#Roomie Update: Who, Why & How?

Thanks for joining us in our latest post on our Editorial page.

We wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to. After just over two years we’ve had some great conversations and have been thinking very carefully about the most important ways that we can help companies within both the retail world and also the manufacturing and supply networks. As part of that, we are working on how we articulate who we are, what we do, the value that we can bring and how we do that. So we’ve decided to publish some of the things we have talked about and shared with teams we’re talking to. You may already have seen the whitepaper if not why not download it?   So who are we?

Here’s a bit about Brendan’s story and how RangeRoom came about:

And along with Brendan, there is a wider team who have varied experience across the industry, from design, buying to luxury tech and who are excited by RangeRoom and how it is the game-changer we’ve all wished for in quite a while! If you haven’t had the chance already find more out about the team here.

So how does it work and why should you care? Yep, that’s a good question.

This should help: Here is a typical fashion workflow that reflects various stages of the product lifecycle and where the cross-functional teams touch each of those stages – this you know very well. But do you know how all these stages can be captured on one platform, creating ‘one source of Truth’, where information is easily shared and how that impacts on your decision-making processes?

Here we dig a bit deeper as to when RangeRoom can be part of your processes and how we deliver you efficiencies across the process:

And here you can see what kind of benefits using RangeRoom can bring to your teams and the efficiencies that can speed up and enhance the lifecycle and processes:

So that hopefully, has enlightened you on the overall picture of what we do and where we can make an impact on your processes and improve your communication, collaboration and ability to make better-informed decisions faster. If you would like to find out more we have developed Information packs specific to each department. If not we also have a quick introductory video if you like a good ole’ animated explainer video!

So whether you’re at C level, Information Technology, Digital Innovation & Transformation, design, buying, merchandising, heading up Business Development, Marketing or if you’re an Agent we have looked at your experience and how we can help your day to day work.

And hopefully, as Dudley George, Wholesale Director at Boohoo observed about RangeRoom you might also remark that

“Used properly this could be a game changer for us.”

For more information please contact elena@rangeroom.com or call us on +44 (0) 203 950 2268 – we look forward to talking to you! Please share or comment if you have any thoughts on the article, Thanks as ever – your #roomies team!





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