SS18 Resort: Dior’s Modern America

Lascaux Cave Paint Prints

The Lascaux paintings, a previous inspiration of Dior’s in 1951, were given a fresh spin. Rhino, deer and horses were just a few of the illustrative motifs adorning the resort show in natural, rusted hues.

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Parson Hats

Every model’s finishing touch down the runway was the Parson hat suggesting that this could be the SS18 replacement for the festival famous fedora.

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Intricately Beaded Denim

Beautifully intricate, beaded and tasseled denim added the wow-factor to re-worked denim silhouettes. Straight leg jeans, oversized kimonos, double breasted denim blazers and tailored waistcoats were some of the star pieces given an embellished update.

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