Testimonials from our treasured Roomies…

RangeRoom is coming up to its 1st year soon so we asked a few of the people who’ve been involved with us to let us know what they like about RangeRoom, so here are a few of the testimonials kindly offered to us.

“RangeRoom lends itself as a tool to be able to have access to what we are doing, especially in the primary presentation as an enticement for the client to be able to take it to the next level…there is so much hype about different products, PLM etc that there’s a tendency for the pure messages about new products to get suffocated.”

With the rise of online e-commerce and the demise of the traditional retailer there’s a  requirement for a very efficient supply chain tool, one that allows you to cut costs without cutting efficiencies, so getting the right product at the right time, the cheapest way and the quickest way possible.

In the US market, (which isn’t that different to other global markets) there’s been a huge shift and the pendulum has swung. Traditional retailers struggle to adjust quickly, to be able to take advantage of new opportunities. That’s where RangeRoom comes in… shortening the supply chain link which is the key to success in the future of retail.”

– Bruce Salehi, Sales Manager, Dewhirst, USA (VP of International Sales, Ilshin Industries)

“RangeRoom gave me the necessary tools to collaborate easily with retailers and my supply base in China. It has increased productivity in all regions while enhancing the experience via its visually engaging platform.”

– David Waterhouse, CEO, Girl London (China production supplying to the UK and South American markets)

For some more in-depth insights we asked Urban Bliss who have worked with us from our early days:

“Prior to using RangeRoom, we were definitely more time-poor, information was filed in different places and we would have to go through individual folders. Rather than having everything at the click of a button as we do now, where I just type in the style code or the name and the image is right there so that centralizing of information makes it much easier. Now it feels more like a seamless transition if someone else has to jump in. I find where I can shave time off certain processes then obviously I can use my time more effectively elsewhere where it’s needed, which for me would be contacting customers, following up on sales and building those relationships.”

“I found the tool simple to get into, the layout meant it was super easy to use and navigate around, really user-friendly. I just felt that it was a fantastic tool that could help me get the collection across to customers.

I have had a couple of customers who have come back and said ‘…it’s fantastic, we’re able to see the whole collection, we can see it split by different delivery drops – when we click on the product all the info is there, we’ve got the price the ratio, great product description’ so it’s been nice to be able to put all of that on one page..”

“From an impact point of view, I have found the ease of use of RangeRoom really helpful, when I’ve had to upload product it was easy, I didn’t need a tutorial, it very was self-explanatory & it doesn’t look any different on the back end to the front end which was really useful, some systems look really archaic and you don’t really understand what you’re putting in so it can be very confusing which wasn’t the case with RangeRoom.”

“The 3 things I love about RangeRoom: Timesaving. Visibility. Collaboration.

“The time-saving aspect, the visibility – how you can see the whole collection together and how it creates a summary when you create a collection, the visibility it gives to our customers who are able to see the collections, all the different drops, and the collaboration side – the way they can actually interact with the product, and that they also have all the information they need on RangeRoom.”

“In general things run a lot smoother for me, it’s helped build better relationships with my customers, it feel’s like it’s adding a service element, making them feel more special, rather than just a spreadsheet, everyone likes to see things more clearly and it’s refreshing to see something different. It’s much easier for buyers to make their selections. So yes I would recommend RangeRoom, it’s a tool that’s easy, accessible, you can take it to meetings and it adds that attractive element to your meetings as well, which again is great for building relationships. When I go down to London for meetings, everything is there on my iPad, which cuts my time in half, I can use that time more efficiently elsewhere.”

– Sarah Ahmad, Brand Sales Manager, Urban Bliss

“When we were looking at RangeRoom there were some initial concerns that there might be reluctance from buyers and customers from a change management and cultural point of view, but we found that RangeRoom’s intuitive design and its ease of use overcame this reservation very quickly. It’s similar to Apple products in its ease of use and navigation”

One of the challenges that Urban Bliss faced where that crucial parts of their selling process was resource-heavy and time consuming: “Our challenge was the amount of time spent pulling buying sheets together for customers and the inefficiency of trawling suitcases of samples from one meeting to the next, both an inefficient use of the teams time and an ineffective way of showing the breadth of product.”

“Since using the platform we’ve found that the visual impact of clear, good quality, multi-view product photos and the overall visibility of our range has made a huge impact on the breadth of product that our buyers see and has expanded our selling immensely. The tool has really become an extension of our roles. Turning up to a meeting, iPad in hand with the entire product range at our fingertips has also had a halo effect on how innovative they as a brand are perceived. Showcasing more products is quicker and easier than ever, has given us “ the technological upper hand”.

“Communication has also been impacted with remote teams benefitting from the instant ability to upload and share market research and intelligence while travelling, and communication, in general, is more centralized and much easier.”

“Part of our decision to be involved with RangeRoom was as thought leaders we were keen to get involved with technology that seemed like a logical next step. Also being involved with a company where the design and development of the platform are customer-led was also part of this decision. Since working with RangeRoom we also appreciate the customer care support, clear communications and expectations around the delivery of new features and the evolution of the product. We would definitely recommend RangeRoom.”

– Rosie Blundell, Sales Executive, Urban Bliss

We’d like to thank our #roomies for their articulation and look forward to further feedback!

If you would like more of these as part of your processes: Time-saving. Visibility . Visual Impact. Intuitive technology. Centralized & Easy Communication. Collaboration. Innovation . Showcasing Breadth. Ease of adoption. Customer-led focus tech, find out more Here.

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