John Thorbeck

Chainge Capital

RangeRoom understands a fundamental truth about transformation which eludes so many others. That is, speed and flexibility are merchandising issues, not an operational or supply chain issue. Visibility and collaboration are critical to that change and it is led by the merchants who need tools to drive both process AND product innovation.

What attracted me to RangeRoom when I first heard about it is the challenge around the mismatch of digital consumers to an analog supply chain. RangeRoom is a bridge to create a single seamless collaboration.

RangeRoom gives designers, buyers and product developers leadership of the process, while also providing a window to design further up the supply chain. The days of “we create, you fulfill” are over.

RangeRoom is about how to manage risk, balancing cost, speed and flexibility. The front end digital tools will eventually match up to the back end of the business.

While we all love fresh, new and frequent fashion, and the creativity of our industry, RangeRoom understands that money to be made is in management of risk and responsiveness.

Liz Simon

Fashion Brand Leader
Mulliez Group -F3

In this era of huge change, the fashion industry has many challenges to address, and we have to ensure we are evolving urgently.
RangeRoom is at the forefront of offering digital solutions to address some of these issues. 

Our brands must continually strive to deliver excellent product to our customers, but we must also do so in a responsible and ethical manner.
RangeRoom offers a solution that can be used end-to-end. Through the link with the supply base, it strips out some of the time consuming and non-value added processes which have been the staple of the way we traditionally construct collections.

As we move from Fast Fashion to Smart to Market, the digital process offered by RangeRoom, facilitates the product developers role in delivering customer requirements at speed.

The team at RangeRoom, have a real understanding of the current constraints around design and product development for both Buying teams and  suppliers, and have been able to address these and deliver innovative solutions to help drive higher productivity and profitability.

Bruce Salehi

Sales Manager
Dewhirst USA

Looking at the USA currently, I see two issues at the moment happening in the market, one is new, the other is older. The older one is the question of noise pollution – there was so much hype about different products and different products, PLM, this and that etc that there was a tendency for the pure messages about new products to get suffocated in the sea of products with everybody pitching something new every day.

Secondly, more recently in the past two years, is the rise of online and the demise of the traditional retailer. Everybody is basically holding onto their hats, and running scared – not knowing what the next chapter is, so hence this lends itself to the requirement for a very efficient supply chain tool, one that allows you to cut costs without cutting efficiencies, so getting the right product at the right time, the cheapest way and the quickest way possible.

Those two things hand in hand that are happening now in the US market, (which isn’t that different to other global markets) shows there’s been a huge shift and the pendulum has swung. The old traditional retail doesn’t know how to adjust itself quickly, to be able to take advantage of the new opportunities. That’s where RangeRoom comes in, the next level of virtual reality of products, of having access to collections and shortening the supply chain link is the key to success in the future of retail.

Dave Edgar

Founding Partner
BDA London UK

“One of the challenges that our design team constantly faces is to maintain a two way dialogue with our clients supply base.  Whilst working with them face to face we benefit from their advice and welcome their input… making our product development a truly collaborative process.

Range Room now enables our teams to work this same process… remotely.

Sharing our trends, fabric and colour direction with the supplier, who, in turn, feedback their input, on the single platform, gives us the opportunity to develop that close working relationship that delivers a robust and inspiring process…. wherever we are or wherever the suppliers are.”

Sarah Ahmed

Brand Sales Manager
Urban Bliss UK

“I have had customers who have come back and said ‘’s fantastic, we’re able to see the whole collection, we can see it split by different deliveries – when we click on the product all the info is there – we’ve got the price, the ratio, great product descriptions, all on one page’

Prior to RangeRoom we were time poor, information was disseminated in different places. Now I can make better use of my time on sales and building my client relationships”