We’re thrilled to introduce Libby Chisholm Fearnley…

Hello, Roomies!

I’m Libby Chisholm Fearnley and I’m pleased to be collaborating with RangeRoom as a blog contributor. My backstory is not so different from that of Brendan’s, RangeRoom’s Founder and CEO.

I, too, had been designing apparel for over 10 years, mostly for corporate-sized brands and retailers. With the birth of my first child came the farewell to my career as a designer and it’s tiresome hours and stresses. I was not fulfilled in my work, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. I pondered my next move after having a second child, and along came my “a-ha!” moment during a hot bath after putting two babies to sleep with a sigh. I realised that I value human interaction more than material things, and I want to help shape the fashion industry into something powerful, rewarding and positive for the faces that make it up. So, I enrolled in the Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs certificate program at FIT, knowing that fashion is a part of who I am and that I have the power to help it evolve into something more meaningful than just the perpetual consumption of clothes.

After completing the course and embracing a new circle of like-minded friends, I met long-time “eco-fashion” expert and my newest mentor, Marci Zaroff. She and I are co-writing a book called adDRESSing Change, a practical and inspirational guide to implementing positive change in the fashion industry. I write while the kids are at school and during the baby’s naps. The balancing act of mothering and writing is a challenge of the best variety!

It’s hard to believe almost twenty years ago I was travelling to the far-off lands of China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and India to meet with suppliers. A quick decade or so later, the manner in which brands interact with far-off partners has completely changed. Many companies no longer send their design staff abroad. Instead, they rely on instant, digital communication as a time and money-saver. RangeRoom seeks to bring a sense of community and connection to far-flung industry insiders, mirroring my goal as a fashion writer. I am, therefore, thrilled to share my voice here at RangeRoom.

Please find more information on these links about me or adDRESSing Change…

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