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Fashion Design & product development needs a more visual product development tool which services the B2B fashion retailers and their suppliers. One of the points that we thought was really important when developing RangeRoom was that fashion design, product development and range building, whichever way you want to cut it, is most effective when you can see exactly what it all looks like, in the same way, that the customer is going to see it – with their eyes. The way that design has moved, within the fashion industry, has naturally been influenced by the rise of helpful technologies – e-mail, C.A.D, PLM systems, spreadsheets etc. But do any of them really mean that you have a visual product development tool fit for purpose?

But we questioned whether as a result of some of these helpful technologies, teams were moving further and further away from seeing the ranges in front of them, keeping the impact and aesthetic of their ranges and their brands’ message ‘top of mind’? With sample rooms less likely to be at head offices this meant that, unless you had the luxury of serious square footage in your office & display space – where you could see everything laid out in front of you, you were restricted. So how about we reinvent that landscape?

And so the Virtual showroom was created, which meant that the time spent with your range –  when you get to see everything together as an evolving, holistic, deliberately built range wouldn’t just be available at those highly ‘anticipated’ range building meetings. What a luxury!

Why did we do this? 

We wanted teams to be able to collect and share garments; colour or fabric swatches; trims; prints; inspirational or influential images; articles; street shots that they just captured on their phone…everything that we use in our day to day life that adds to the creation of relevant and robust fashion ranges – all in the palm of their hand or at their desk.

We wanted to keep the products; range building and the visual excitement of fashion at the heart of RangeRoom. This is a popular topic as many of our readers also want to understand Creative Engagement and how to keep your talent by keeping them engaged. 

As design and buying teams familiarize themselves with forums like Pinterest or Instagram, which are great but are more passive visual product development tools, whilst they do have visual inspiration and information at their fingertips, we wanted to develop a visual product development tool and the technology that would enable teams to be as agile and flexible in building their own ranges which captures live decision-making.

The way RangeRoom works, means that not only can those ranges be built virtually, with clear photographs of beautiful samples, but that by building the ranges on the RangeRoom platform means that it’s also visible to your whole team – and your manufacturing partners all over the world, if and when you choose to invite them. So you can also cut out all those e-mail trails – and actually discuss the styles ‘live’?

A range room, project development & management, pricing & negotiation tool all in one? Yes – it’s here.  Interested?

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